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Jimmy Greenspoon – Rest In Peace

Jimmy Greenspoon February 7, 1948 – March 11, 2015 Keyboard player Jimmy Greenspoon, an original band member of the iconic American band Three Dog Night, has died at his home in North Potomac, Maryland.   He was 67. Three Dog Night announced his death that occurred on March 11th and followed a brief but valiant struggle with cancer. Greenspoon joined the band in 1968 and had been working with them up until October 2014 when he took a medical leave of absence to pursue treatment for metastatic melanoma. “I will be forever shattered by his death,” said Cory Wells, co-founder of the band, “Jimmy cared so much about excellence in the music and always made sure we had what we needed on stage and in the recording studio. I was amazed by his photographic memory, his love for music. I will miss my fellow Aquarian brother and will keep him in my heart forever.” Danny Hutton, the other Three Dog Night co-founder, met Greenspoon in the mid-60’s. “He was like a brother to me, I knew him since he was just a teenager and he was my oldest friend in the band,” states Hutton. “Also, Jimmy was a critical part of our early history, bringing a sound to the band that helped develop our style; he left an indelible mark.” Jimmy was born in Los Angeles to Adolph Maurice Greenspoon, a successful entrepreneur, and Mary Thompson, an actress. He was a classically trained pianist who also excelled as a pop musician. Starting his first band while still in high school, the surf-band New Dimensions that released three records, he went on...

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